Amcomm Wireless founders Mark Amadio and Kyriakos “KK” Konstantakis are the yin and yang of this enterprise. The two men met in January 2002 as each was scoping out the same location to open a wireless business.

KK: “Mark had beat me to it by minutes. But I was determined, and so I got him to agree to meet with me. My plan was to convince him to let me have the territory.”

What happened, instead? Mark and KK talked for a few hours and discovered they each would bring different strengths to the wireless and IT business. They formed a partnership, immediately opened two stores, and the rest is history.

Mark and KK are also the co-owners of Amcomm proSERVICES, Inc..

Mark: “We knew we had the expertise and the synergy to meet the potential demands of businesses IT needs. So KK created what he calls ‘a true high-performance team.’”

KK: “The ProSERVICES core team of IT specialists has a voracious appetite for solving the most challenging problems.”

Mark is the Principal Co-Owner and the President of Amcomm Wireless, Inc. and the V. President of Amcomm proSERVICES, Inc. Prior to this partnership, Mark was the Regional Vice President of Arch Wireless/PageNet in Boston, and the Regional Manager and Area Vice President of PageNet, also in Boston.

Kyriakos Konstantakis is the Principal Co-Owner and V. President of Amcomm Wireless, Inc. and is also the President of Amcomm proSERVICES, Inc. KK is the former President of Axios Consulting in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Prior to that position, KK was a Consulting Engineer for Apple Computer in Boston and a Research Development Engineer for Schott Fiber Optics in Southbridge, Massachusetts.